David Wood, Fire Chief

The City of Church Hill is proud to introduce you to our fire department. CHFD consists of 10 public safety officers, 3 EMT's, 5 Hazmat Techs, and 16 certified firefighters. This team of firefighters protect 9.4 square miles of Church Hill as well as the surrounding area of Hawkins County and Phipps Bend Industrial Park. Our main station is located at 300 East Main Boulevard in the Church Hill City Hall Building. This station houses two Class 1 pumpers, a command vehicle, and the public safety offices. The newest edition, Station 2, houses our training facility as well as three Class 1 pumpers. Church Hill Fire Department is dedicated to protecting our community by responding quickly and effectively when emergencies occur.

Insurance and ISO Information

The Insurance Services Organization rating of a community has a direct effect on the insurance premiums that individuals pay on their homes and on commercial buildings. The ISO conducts an inspection of the fire department and its capabilities, the available water supply in the area (the closest fire hydrant and water flow from that hydrant) and the emergency communications facility. When the inspection is complete, a rating is assigned to the city. The ratings range from Class 1 being the best possible rating which lowers insurance premiums to Class 10 which is the worst possible rating and is assigned to areas which offer little to no protection. The City of Church Hill received a Class 5 rating for 2008.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Church Hill Fire Department is to provide fire protection and fire hazard reduction products to the citizens and visitors of Church Hill so they can live in a community where the best possible protection is provided in order to minimize the threat of property damage and prevent loss of life due to fire and/or other hazards.




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