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Frequently Asked Questions for Builders

Who needs a building permit?
Any new construction (single family residences, apartments and businesses).

Do I need a permit if I remodel?
You will need a permit if the project is over $5,000.00.

Do I need a building permit if I have my home re-roofed?
No permit is needed if the foot print of the roof does not change.

Do I need a permit for a business sign?

Do I need a building permit for a yard barn?

Can I have more then one accessory building on may property

What building code does Church Hill use?
1999 Southern Building Code.

What is required to get a building permit?
Anyone with a valid Contractor's License and proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance needs to come by City Hall and apply for a building permit. A home owner can build 1 house every 2 years for themselves. You must then contact the building inspector for the actual Building Permit.

What do the building permits cost?
The permits are based on square footage, application fee and number of inspections required. Call City Hall (423-357-6161) for fees charged for a specific project (building, sewer and drainage).

What type of permits do I need for new construction?
You will need a building, sewer (if sewer is available) and drainage permit.

Does the city enforce subdivision restrictions?
No, That is a private civil matter between property owners.





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